My Beautiful Lady, I call her Minnie



The colors of the trees, the fog, and my beautiful lady. Kinda brings a tear to the eye, doesn’t it? 

The feeling a person gets when driving a vehicle is sometimes mind altering. I have always loved Mini’s. When I drive my lady, I feel exhilarated. Plus, she’s easy on my gas budget, which means she is kind to the environment…gotta love that! 

What car is your love? It could be a motorcycle, a bike, a plane, anything. What changes the way you feel about yourself? 




Winters are Safe in Chicago, Really…

"Hey Kids! Check out the cool icicles in Chicago!"

“Hey Kids! Check out the cool icicles in Chicago!”

It’s just like me to tell my kids to walk up to the sign that says “Danger” and instruct them to be funny for a picture. They go with it because, well, it’s just like me to find humor in what was an incredibly brutal winter in Chicago, year 2009. This picture was taken outside the Banana Republic store.

Now, am I purposely teaching my children to break the rules? No, I checked it out. It was safe…..I think.

Laugh a Little…

Laugh a Little or a lot…

They can always make me laugh!

They can always make me laugh!


These are my oldest sons. I remember every moment they make me laugh and there are many, many, times, trust me on that. I have my iPad full of pictures that just crack me up….usually of my boy crew being dorks.

What was going through their heads in this moment? It doesn’t really matter. The part about funny pictures is we can insert our imagination into a scene. This one in particular is probably more hilarious to me because I know my oldest son didn’t realize my younger one was behind him being a goofball in this shot.

We were wandering through hat shops along the Oregon Coast on this particular day, and they were trying on different types of hats.

The moment arose to just create laughter. Teen boys are notorious for this.

Our world needs more laughter.  My advise for the day? Go be funny today. Make someone laugh.